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Jun 29, 2016 at 06:31 PM

Accessing Volusion through Crystal Reports


I am trying to set up the interface between Crystal Reports and the database files on Volusion. Volusion's API program gives me a http: address that ends in WebService.aspx followed by a login, password and then EDI_Name=

When I try to set up; the data connection as "Universal Web Service Connector" it asks for the server, user ID and password, but returns with the message "Failed to open the connection"

If I try to set up the connection as XML and WebServices, I choose Use HTTP Data Sorce and put in the URL that I have been given. It then gets me to the next screen asking for HTTP Parameters. Add Property is then asking for Property and Value info, neither of which I have.

Any ideas on how to get these 2 programs connected? Both of their support departments are telling me that it can be done, but neither has any info on how to do it. I would think this would be something that numerous people would need since volusion reporting is horrible unless you are an SQL programmer.