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Jun 29, 2016 at 04:06 PM

Query in Distribution function and Distribution strategy customization


Dear PP experts,

I am trying to simulate the functionality of automatic split in demand management with SOP. In SPRO I have created the distribution function S99 with 5 equal proportions

% Dur % Req

20 20

40 40

60 60

80 80

90 90

100 100

In distribution strategy, I have mentioned assigned the function with type of distribution as "Distribution as per discrete points" and In period split customization I have given the no of weeks as 4 and assigned the distribution strategy. When I transfer the demand from SOP of 150 Ea to PIR system is assigning the demand for each day of 5 Ea..

But my understanding from manual was based on the distribution function customization the demand will be allocated ie once 20% of duration (28 days *0.2 = 5.6 days) after 5.6 or 6 days the 20% of requirement (150*0.2 = 30 Ea) 30 Ea will be assigned as PIR and similarly the demand will be split based on % of duration completion. But it is not working as per my understanding. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

Also I would like to know the difference between the "Type of distribution" in distribution strategy 1. Distribution based on continuously through time" and 2. Distribution based on discrete points.

Please provide your inputs for this query