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Jun 29, 2016 at 02:10 PM

Availability check = KP (no check) System behaviour


Hello Team.

We have a material for plant ABCD for which availability check is set as KP in material master to avoid checks for the material in that plant.

However when order is created for the material in that plant, the Availability Control screen appears for the material in question?

KP has a checkbox in its config for "No Check"

Schedule line determined in the sales order has Availaibilitycheck/TOR deactivated.

OVZJ has option E selected for the concerned sales Area.

Not sure why the screen pops up ? The dialogue box also appears when we select the item and click on Item availability button.

tried to debug setting Breakpoint in Include LATP4FD5, Perform "dialogue_execute"

Structure APTCSX has values populated however P_TMVFX did not have any values populated, specifically the No check indicator set for Availaibility check KP.

Help/Inputs Appreciated!!