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Mar 08, 2006 at 04:48 PM

XML Parse problem consuming external webservice


Hi all,

I'm testing consuming an external webservice from a WAS 6.40 client. I generated an ABAP proxy for it .

I managed to get the correct soap request out and receiving the response, but while parsing the SOAP XML response back into the output parameter, I'm running into a parse error :



<P1>Response Message</P1>



<P4>XML Bytepos.: 354 XML Path: root(1)ns1:checkValidSerialNumbersResponse(1)checkValidSerialNumbersReturn(1) Error Text: System expected a value for the type g</P4>

<INFO />









- <cls:CX_ST_MATCH_TYPE id="o163">

The response parameter is defined as xsd:string ( and string in the generated ABAP structure ).

IF the byteposition is correct there would be a problem

with the '?' characeter being in the response.

What does the datatype 'g' mean ?

see also in the error message :







Any ideas ? Using 2 other soap clients give no issue what soever...:(