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Jun 29, 2016 at 11:01 AM

Issue with AS2 Service - PO


Dear Experts,

We are trying to develop a scenario for AS2 to File for which, we are referring to the following blog.

To send message to PO's AS2 adapter, we are providing the following URI pattern to our partner.

http://<host>:<j2eeport>/AS2HttpAdapter/AS2AdapterFacade?FS=<from_service>&TS=<to_service>&IF=<outbound_interface> &NS=interface_namespace>

But, in the AS2 side, they are getting HTTP 404 - Requested resource doesn't exist.

We are getting same error, while trying to access the same URL on the browser.

We also tried the trimmed URL 'http://<host>:<j2eeport>/AS2HttpAdapter/AS2AdapterFacade' and 'http://<host>:<j2eeport>/AS2HttpAdapter' with the same error.

But the access point for SOAP Adapter 'http://<host>:<j2eeport>/XISOAPAdapter/MessageServlet' is working fine. That makes to believe that the Service for AS2 adapter has some issue, but we are struggling for a clue. We think, If there was any issue with the Integrated Configuration, it should have been a different error.

Could you please help?