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Jun 29, 2016 at 08:04 AM

Delete PSS questions and answers on tables


Good day,

I have a requirement to delete or remove all entries from the tables that have been updated when a user 'Registers Password Self Service Questions'.

The scenario is as follows: A user is locked for PSS when entering the incorrect answers to their questions. The user is then unlocked in the NWBC and at this point, it is required to refresh or initialize all tables in order for the user to create new questions and answers.

Upon investigation, it is my understanding that the tables updated, at the time of question and answer creation, are GRACQUESTION, GRACQUESTIONT and GRACUSERATTEMPT

Is there any standard functionality (Object or Function Module) available to cater for this deletion or initialization in attempt to avoid any direct updates (deletion) to the database tables?

Thank you,



ManagePSS.JPG (97.2 kB)