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Jun 29, 2016 at 07:09 AM

Schedule webi report with date as "All"


Hi Expert,

I am trying to run the report the report with following prompt as "All" .When i select all the prompt as "All" condition due to huge record it is taking to much so I am trying to schedule the report but here when date(Spend Start Date,Spend End Date,Consent Start Date,Consent End Date) is optional.if this is not select ed it will bring all values

Prompt screens:

Schedule prompt screen:here is the issues

when schedule report with some selected date it is working fine and schedule status is success but here date is optional prompt if date is not selected it should bring all the data but it is not working and schedule status is failure.what is issue could please guide me.thanks in advance




date prompt.JPG (35.8 kB)