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Jun 29, 2016 at 12:32 AM

Locking Issue using LSMW (Parallel Processing)


Hi everyone,

Hope all is well.

I'm experiencing locking issue when uploading tons of data usually 65K. I've identified the cause of locking using the tcode SM12. The problem is same article number but different plant. I believe this is the cause of my problem. All of unique articles are already posted except for same articles with multiple plants (sites).

Before, I'm not using parallel processing but it took me hours to finish uploading so I did searched for better solution that's why I'm trying parallel processing. I've followed instruction from this link (Increasing performance of idoc inbound processing - ABAP Connectivity - SCN Wiki)

Here's example of my data: Same article but with different sites. I'm having trouble because SAP won't allow me to upload it all because this is currently locked by ME!

MATERIAL PLANT SUP175 CA01 SUP175 CA02 SUP175 LA01 SUP175 LA02 SUP175 MA01 SUP175 MA02 SUP175 SU01 SUP175 SU02 SUP175 TA01 SUP175 TA02 SUP175 OR01 SUP175 OR02 SUP175 SA01

Hope you can help me! My only problem is locking issue. Thank you.