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Jun 28, 2016 at 10:11 PM

Payment Specification Reversal


I'm stumped and need some fellow FICA guidance.

The CA was a collective bill. There were billed line items to the child account via the parent collective bill. The relationship between the collective parent and child was deactivated, however, the line items still existed. A user reversed a payment specification that was created for the child prior to the deactivation of the collective parent/child relationship.

I have tried all of the following:

1) tried to reverse the line items on the child bill - received error (the payment specification was reversed but for some reason it isn't recognizing the reversal)

MSG 4637 Document 5702633655 not reversible (item contained in payment specification 100000106706)

2) tried to clear the line items on the child bill with FPE1 postings - received error

MSG 0056 Item cannot be summarized with others

3) tried to modify the payment specification, but it states that it can't be modified because it's been reversed.

The refund needed to be given to the customer, so an AP check has been cut. I am unable to FPE1 to open items via the g/l item as well.

Any ideas?

Thank you.