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Jun 28, 2016 at 07:17 PM

Agile in SAP implementation doubts


I am familiar with ASAP methodology but am trying to learn about agile in SAP implementation. Lot of doubts

For SAP agile I read that there are 2 phases.

1. Project Baseline containing

1A. Project Preparation : This seems to be the same as ASAP Proj Prep.

1B. Envision process : This seems to be something we used to do in business blue print phase. Is the scope of the project is established after doing this step? Does this step contain the GAP analysis process, preparing WRICEF list, categories complexity of requirements etc.?

1C. Functioning Baseline system : Does this step result in the timeline of the project including go-live for the whole WRICEF list? Does each WRICEF item and configuration activity become multiple user or team stories?

1D. Evaluation phase : I see a "delta list" here. What is the delta list? I understand what a product backlog is and the "must-should-could-would" concept. Is the delta list a prioritized WRICEF list? In this step, I gather, the effort estimation and release planning is done (doubt: Is sprint planning also done at this step?).

1E. In the project I have worked, Process design docs and Functional design docs are made by functional consultants (which is basically a very detailed doc without prioritization but with project impact significance documented). So if the product owner makes the user story, does the functional consultant create the design docs and get that approved by the product owner? Since the blueprint phase takes quite some duration for projects with a large WRICEF list, do we have sprints for preparing functional docs, preparing configuration plans and docs also?

1F. Since the product backlog contain stories that are completed (as in ready for development as per product owner), in SAP , should a completed user story in the product backlog also mandatorily contain an approved functional design doc and a initial technical doc as a prerequisite to adding that in the sprint backlog for a scrum team?

2. Sprint Realization

2A: In Scrum we have product backlog refinement, sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review and sprint retrospective. But how is the coding for functional requirements (Functional design documents) realized? Is it in terms of user stories and complexity categorised as story points for each story? For e.g., a sprint of four weeks and the team taking 'Y' no. of stories worth 'X' no. of story points and we have a number of releases..?

2B: Who constitutes the scrum teams built for an SAP realization phase (other than the scrum master and PO)? Do we have multiple scrum teams each containing ABAPers and one functional representative from each functional area? Or is it that each scrum team specialises in one particular functional area (So maybe a ABAPer and a functional specialist per scrum team)?

2C: Each sprint shows a "String test" in the end. What is it? Is it a build test before the UAT done to conform to the "sprint review" step done in every sprint?

3A. During testing, UAT and SIT, how are bugs fixed? Do we have separate team stories built to tackle defects or impediments? And do if a defect or impediment does require a separate story to resolve it, how do we incorporate that as a part of the release plan so late after the sprint string test has been done.