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Jun 28, 2016 at 06:14 PM

Need help in Payroll PCR


Hi Experts,

I am working on Payroll calculation by writing a Payroll PCR. i have addressed complete calculation part and it is working fine, but i have issue with adding wage type 4116 to proration gross, Net pay, base for statutory payment(pension etc.,)

Existing requirement : 4116 were used manually by inputting in infotype 0014 for selected period and it will paid to employee based on proration and adding to gross,netpay and complete payroll as customer desired.

New requirement: our customer wanted to automate wage type 4116, we have addressed. but it is not adding to further consideration and process. if i do the same from infotype 0014 by manual input ,then it is working as expected with proration and gross ,netpay and every thing.

Note: We have not changed 4116 config setting we are using existing wage type 4116.

for a trail and error i have tried to remove addwte4116 and checked but no luck.

here i have mentioned snap shot of pcr.

My observation during the payroll log . as i am running payroll for UK employees PCR GVAL is having 4116 in IT table then OT does not have any 4116 wage type. if i sorted out this section further wage type can be consider for further process, and payment will be made.

Really i dont have any clue why it is behaving when wage type processing through PCR, and not having any issue for manual input in 0014 for the same wage type.

Thank you in advance.