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Jun 28, 2016 at 02:24 PM

SAP Lumira - Slide Days of the Year


Hello Exports.

I am trying to include custom extension which has calendar days on the slider using Vispacker...

I tried modifying the sample bar chart code, I am able to see the result but multiple sliders but it appears not at the center of the screen we see white spaces in the top

Attached the result and data model.png, and the .profile file so that you can open that .PROFILE and look at the package..

I am not sure of the data model which I used is correct and also I am new to java script / d3

when I deploy in lumira I am seeing two slider at the bottom of the page not in the chart area 😔, have attached the screenshot as well

Your guidance is much appreciated...

Thank you!



LumiraDeploy.png (117.9 kB)
SlideCalendar.png (187.5 kB)