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Jun 28, 2016 at 01:52 PM

About Loading 0FI_AP_4 every hour


Hi everyone,

i have full load datasource 0FI_AP_4 to ODS 0FI_O03 and from the ODS to Cube 0FI_C03 in BW. The full load was successful.

But i have read the SAP help and we can load delta for 0FI_AP_4 only once a day. to load more times a day, we need to adjust some thing in BWOM_SETTING. i would like to ask some questions:

  1. i enter transaction: SE16 but the table BWOM_SETTING is not active in dictionary. How can i find and change the setting of the table?Its very nice if you can send me some steps to change the setting of the table.
  2. as what i understand, i have to create 2 info packages: initial and delta info packages. Do we need to create 2 new transformation from the Datasource and DSO to run initial and delta load or can we use the current transformation, which has been used for full load ?
  3. About the Process chain: i still don't understand how we can design the Process chain to load delta data. in my thought, the Process Chain should looks like this

  • start process Chain
  • Delete PSA Request
  • Load delta data (run delta info package)
  • create Index
  • Data transferprocess between datasource and ODS
  • Data transferprocess between ODS and Cube
  • Create Index

is it correct Process Chain for loading delta?

Thankyou very much!