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Jun 28, 2016 at 01:43 PM

RFC call not return values


Hi All, I have simple program Application in javawebdynpro. which calls RFC passing value one value get an other other value.Which is not getting back. example. if I pass 'X' i want get back 'Y'. Excuted RFC and it didn't return value. I testing RFC it is working good. Please advice i missed binding for return attribute to display. Please see an attached file. Code: Below in Component controller- public void wdDoInit() { //@@begin wdDoInit() Ztest_Ssn_Mask_Input input = new Ztest_Ssn_Mask_Input(); wdContext.nodeZtest_Ssn_Mask_Input().bind(input); input.setI_Bname("123456"); } 2. Method. public void executeModeltest( ) { try { wdContext.currentZtest_Ssn_Mask_InputElement().modelObject().execute(); wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager().reportSuccess("Test messgae"); - This message is getting String test1 = wdContext.currentZtest_Ssn_Mask_OutputElement().getZ_Ssn(); wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager().reportSuccess("Test messgae"+ test1); - Thi smessage is not getting wdContext.nodeOutput().invalidate(); } catch (Exception ex) { // If an exception is thrown, then the stack trace will be printed ex.printStackTrace(); } ------- In View public void onActiontest( wdEvent ) { //@@begin onActiontest(ServerEvent) wdContext.currentContextElement().setSsn(wdContext.currentContextElement().getSsn()); //WdContext.currentContextElement().setSsn(wdContext.currentContextElement().getSsn()); //@@end }

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