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Jun 28, 2016 at 12:17 PM



Hello Friends,

Need one Help.........As i have one requirements for SLA..........Suppose after CR Submit by a Requester and it goes to

Approver 1 and for Approval1 we have set the SLA hour is 2 Hours( One Fields is there in Decision Table 'Hours to Completion'

there we set 2 hours for SLA ) Now suppose Approver1 will not approve within 2 hours then that CR will dynamically move to

some other User.......Same Case for Approver2 if he will not approve with in SLA time then CR will move to some other Approver.

Please Help me how to Achieve this Scenario............................I have used the Dynamic agent BADI for getting the system time and SLA Time

and after adding both time i get the SLA Breach time........And if System time is greater then Breach Time then Dynamically i am sending

the CR to some other User ( But this is only possible when user take some action then only badi get trigger) But i want badi should get called after SLA Time cross........But its of no use if BADI is getting trigger Once approver1 is taking action.........Bcoz once he click approve button that time badi will called and our condition get true.....System time > SLA Braeach time and dynamically it will move to other user........But this is of no use///

Please let me know some other approach like is this any possibility for adding some custom fields in our Decision table and from there we can handle our scenario like if SLA time is 1 hour then it will go to user1 and if SLA hour is greater then 1 then it will go to user2.