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Jun 28, 2016 at 11:51 AM

Tare weight maintained manually in packing instruction is disregarded for partial pallet quantites.


Hello All.

I have created pallet packing materials (VERPs) in ECC6 material master and given them a default gross weight of 1 kg.

The verps are used across multiple materials with a variety of ancillary packaging and associated weights, so I do not want to create multiple variants of the verps based on gross weight.

I have then created packing instructions using these verps and maintained the weights manually. e.g. TAREWEI = 13.5kg

As the load weight is pulled in from the gross weight of the material master of the loaded material, the total weight is calculated correctly.

However, when this packing instruction is called for a pack proposal, the manually maintained TARE weight from the packing instruction is ONLY used for HUs that meet the full pallet requirement. If there is a partial pallet quantity, then the system uses the gross weight of the verp from the material master record, not the packing instruction! i.e. the tare weight is shown as 1 kg, not 13.5 kg.

I have checked SAP Notes / ONE SUPPORT and cannot find this issue resolved anywhere.

Any knowledge or remedy actions you know will be greatly appreciated and rewarded.