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Jun 28, 2016 at 09:46 AM

Database Performance Warehause



I just begun test work with Database Performance Warehause and I have some problems. I checked, that "DBA cockpit connection is OK" for specified database in SOLMAN_SETUP, but when I run tr. dbacockpit, I can't get into Performance-> Performance Warehause - it's grey. Moreover, I can find information in EWA report:

"Your system BWD is not connected to a Database Performance Warehouse."

I read info in note "1312006 - DB6: Database Performance Warehouse Master Note" and also pdf :

"Using Database Performance Warehouse to Monitor IBM DB2 for LUW - Part 1.pdf".

Is there any specific way to check if system is connected to Database Performance Warehasue?

release of my solution manager:

ST 710 0013 SAPKITL713 SAP Solution Manager Tool

I'm looking forward to any information.

Best Regards

Sebastian Hebda