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Jun 28, 2016 at 07:54 AM

Upgrade Management Tool with biartolive mode



We are planning to upgrade from BO XI3.1(RTM version) to BO 4.2 SP2. We have separate servers for source and target.

OS: Red Hat Linux

Contents to migrate:

Universe : 210

Connection: 200

WebI: 250 out of 1000

Xcelsius Dashboard : 100 out of 170

Users: 15

Groups: 15

As we do not want to migrate all of the contents, we are planning a biartolive deployment scenario.

Is it safe to use UMT with biartolive mode to migrate the contents in a set of small biar files? Or we should consider to cleanup the source first and perform a complete migration ?

The biar files to be created using Import wizard in BOXI3.1 client.