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Jun 28, 2016 at 06:36 AM

Need UDF help


Dear Experts,

I am getting data like below.

<Condition GroupType="AllowableAction" Name="Saleable">false</Condition>

<Condition GroupType="AllowableAction" Name="SaleAmendable">false</Condition>

<Condition GroupType="AllowableAction" Name="SaleCancellable">false</Condition>

<Condition GroupType="AllowableAction" Name="ProductAmendable">true</Condition>

<Condition GroupType="AllowableAction" Name="Contractable">false</Condition>

<Condition GroupType="AllowableAction" Name="CommercialAmendable">true</Condition>

<Condition GroupType="LifeCycleEvent" Name="Contracted">true</Condition>

<Condition GroupType="LifeCycleEvent" Name="Gatekeeper Hold">false</Condition>

<Condition GroupType="LifeCycleEvent" Name="VehicleOrderSold">false</Condition>

<Condition GroupType="LifeCycleEvent" Name="Schedule Hold">false</Condition>

I need to create my target node when <Condition GroupType="LifeCycleEvent" Name="VehicleOrderSold">false</Condition> & <Condition GroupType="LifeCycleEvent" Name="Contracted">true</Condition>

Problem here is Vehicle order Sold will also comes like this

<Condition GroupType="LifeCycleEvent" Name="VehicleOrderSold">true.</Condition>

Source structure Condition is an element and GroupType, Name are the attributes of Condition.

In my UDF i need to take 2 input parameters

1) Name ----> In this attribute " Contracted" & "VehicleOrderSold" will come along with other values

2) Condition---> In this element we will get "true" or false.

I tried to achieve this using node functions but successful. Please help on this regard.


Pavan T


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