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Jun 28, 2016 at 06:17 AM

COPC/COPA - Transfer Cost Component Split to Other Company


Dear all experts,

I have a scenario here:

My client has 2 company codes created in same Controlling Area and hence same Operating Concern.

Company A (Plant 1000)- Manufacture Finished Goods and sell to B (interco)

- using COPC/ML

- run Cost Estimate/Costing Run

- COPA activated

- Sell Finished Goods to Company B

Company B (Plant 2000) - Buy Finished Goods from A and sell to external customers.

- Cost Estimate not required.

- COPA activated

Currently we can see from COPA that the value of each Cost Components for this material in B is the same as A.

There is a requirement to capture the value of each cost components calculated for a material in Plant 1010 instead of Plant 1000, and posted to COPA in B during SD billing posting to an external customer.

Question: Where is the config to transfer the cost component split in the above scenario?

Thank you.