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Jun 28, 2016 at 06:56 AM

External price for valuation during intra company STO



When we do 301 movement type, we can able to enter an external amount. Then valuation of receiving plant will be done as per entered external amount.

We want the same facility for intra company STO process (641). When we'll create a Stock Transport Order, we'll enter a price of material (in condition tab and it is not the same as material moving average price) and we need to valuate the material as per entered price for receiving plant.

As example:

I have a material M for plant P

In accounting 1 view, here is the picture:

Total Stock = 10 pcs

Total Value = 100 inr.

MAP = 10.

Create Stock Transport Order from plant P to plant Q with qty 3 and price 12, STO value is = 36.

Then I want to valuate the material as 36 for plant Q.

Accounting entry:

Stock account Dr. 36 inr. (valuation area/plant Q)

Stock account Cr. 36 inr. (valuation area/plant P)

In accounting 1 view for plant Q :

Total Stock = 3 pcs

Total Value = 36 inr.

MAP = 12.

And accounting 1 view for plant P will will become

Total Stock = 7 pcs

Total Value = 64 inr.

MAP = 9.14.

Note: It is well possible when we'll do it via movement type 301 with External Amount in LC. But how can it be possible for STO process (641 movement type) ?