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Jun 28, 2016 at 05:07 AM

How to filter the data replication of a table using Rule Assignment in LTRS


OSS Note 2267556 gives 2 options to filter the table replication

1) LTRS-> Trigger Options

2) LTRS-> Rule Assignment-> Create either a Event-Related rule or Field-Related rule

We would like to use the 2nd option, as the Trigger Options have restrictions for multiple usage configurations. Below is the information I can find in Application help for field based rule assignment. I'm bit confused about input parameters that we need to provide. If anyone done this before, can you please help?

Field-based Rules

Field-based rules are used for simple value mapping operations. You can view the target field in the Assignment Target field. You can specify up to three fields of the source table as input parameters for the ABAP code in the corresponding fields (Import Parameter 1, Import Parameter 2, and Input Parameter 3).

The export parameter of the code has the format 'e_<fieldname>', where <fieldname> is the name of the field entered as the assignment target field. The three import parameters have the format 'i_<fieldname_1>_1', 'i_<fieldname_2>_2', and 'i_<fieldname_3>_3' where <fieldname_1>, <fieldname_2>, and <fieldname_3> are the names of the fields entered as import parameters.

Note that field-based rules are not supported for migration objects referring to INDX-like tables that are to be declustered.