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Jun 28, 2016 at 01:39 AM

Issue with copy function in EPM add-on SAP BPC 10.1 (Embedded)



We have been using BPC 10.1 (Embedded) from POC perspective. We have create all necessary info objects, real time info cube & aggregation layer,Bex Query (input ready) in BW. We were using copy function in RSPLAN by a planning sequence and achieved expected results.

However it is the not the same case, while executing planing function (Copy) in EPM add-in.

The following steps were performed in EPM:

1. Add planning sequence to your template.

2. Execute planning sequence by clicking EXECUTE button provide within template.

3. Save data (option available in tool bar)

Just wondering if any intermediate steps / follow-up steps are missing while copying data from EPM add-on.

As COPY function has been executing successfully through RSPLAN, hope planing function definition is correct and issues persists in EPM not in BW.

Appreciate your quick insights / response on this issue.


Suresh Molli