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Jun 28, 2016 at 12:27 AM

DS unable to connect to Google big query "invalid_client"



I go this error, when i click on the tables under the GBQ data store.

.any ideas ?

I saw these instructions regarding DS connecting to GBQ


the google platform UI has changed a bit since then. (2015..)

This is what I have done


Is this right? What service account - choose the existing project?

enter email as in google console and select the p12 PRIVATE KEY, and enter pass code.

click on tables under the datastore..

note if i set up a proxy I get the same error. seems to be connecting..but says invalid client?

any ideas?


DS GBQ err.png (26.5 kB)
DS GBQ err 1.png (49.9 kB)
DS GBQ err 2.png (44.0 kB)
DS GBQ err 3.png (15.0 kB)
DS GBQ err.png (26.5 kB)
DS GBQ err 4.png (22.9 kB)
DS GBQ err 2a.png (27.0 kB)