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Jun 27, 2016 at 09:42 PM

Can a blob field be included in a cross-tab in CR for Visual Studio


We are heavily using Cross-Tabs in the v13 SP17 CR Designer under Visual Studio. We have a blob field containing an image that we can easily place in the report, but appears to not be available in the field selector within the Cross-Tab Expert.

Is there a way to include a blob image field in a Cross-Tab?

I tried making the blob available through a formula, hoping that I could pick the formula within the "Cross-Tab Expert > Group Options... > Options > Customize Group Name > Use a Formula as Group Name", but when I try to create a formula with the blob field, it presents an error saying "A blob field cannot be used in a formula."

Is this just a limitation of CR Designer under VS.NET and maybe it's supported by the full CR Designer?

To provide some more context, here is a screen capture showing the blob field used in the report outside of the cross-tab:

And then a screen capture in the Cross-Tab expert showing the lack of the "image" field in the field explorer: