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Jun 27, 2016 at 05:33 PM

Formatting a Changed column/cell via DM in BPC


Hello Gurus,

This is Sachin here back with some more questions and I hope you will be, as always, helpful in my queries.

The last time I was here, I had a few queries on how to overwrite a column, Forecast column with Actual data. And I was given guidance with which I was able to accomplish that task with minimal issues.

Currently going forward with that task, I have been asked to format the sheet based on data load and input.

Example -

Account 2015 April
Forecast Acc01 123456789 Acc02 456789123 Acc03 789123456

Output -

Account 2015April Actual Acc01 321654987 Acc02 654987321 Acc03 987321654

Kindly note that this is the format my report is in; Actual and Forecast are members of the Dimension Category that I am using in the report.

Please find the below queries to my task and do let me know you opinions on the same.

- Is it possible, once the Actual is copied and overwritten on the Forecast column, to change the Column Header Definition from 'Forecast' to 'Actual'

- Kindly advise as to how to change the color format of the columns once the DM has copied the Actual data onto Forecast column - Green to Orange.

- Also, the Forecast column is not locked, I would like to lock the cells of that column after the Actual data has been copied onto the Forecast column; Basically after the DM Copy package has copied data from Actual to Forecast, I would like that the Column Header Definition be changed, Color format of the column be changed to distinguish between Forecast and Actual and finally to lock the Actual data from future editing.

Looking forward to your favorable responses.