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Jun 27, 2016 at 04:27 PM

IdM reporting tables



We are looking to pull reports on Joiner/Leavers/Movers that are processed through IdM. I am currently able to get this information from the various tables in IdM, mxi_values, mxp audit etc.....

This reporting can get complicated if a user is processed as a Joiner -> Leaver -> Re-Hire (re-activation) -> Leaver etc. We are looking to report on each event, for example all the information when the user was processed as a Joiner in IdM 6 months ago, but some of this data may have changed if we run the report today. (e.g. manager/position/access may have changed since the user joined).

I am considering creating customs tables within IdM whereas when a user is processed as a Joiner an entry is put in a Z_Joiner table, similarly when a user is processed as a Leaver an entry is put in the Z_Leaver table, and if they are put through the leaver process multiple times they have multiple entries in the Z_Leaver table. These entries in these tables would not change over the user's lifecycle, so we can run a report at any time and report on the user's exact information and access at that time.

Is there any recommended way of handling reporting such as the above? Would there be any reason to "not" set up custom tables for reporting and only use the standard tables. The basis team in my company are reluctant against creating custom tables such as these. Any help would be appreciated.