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Jun 27, 2016 at 03:45 PM

NPPs Consumption for another Plant



I have an issue and the scenario is the following:

- There is a main plant CO01(manufacturer plant) for wich the material planner introduces the PIR's via MD61. For an specific material the MRP parameters, for CO01, are:

*Strategy group: 40

*Consumtion mode: 2

- There are secondary plant, CO02, that is an strategic plat only for logistic purposes. I need that the sales orders for this plant consumes PIR's for the main plant. Is it possible? I'm trying with the following plant parameters for the material at plant CO02:

*Strategic group: 63

*Consumption mode: 2

*Planning material: itself.

*Planning plant: CO01 (main plant).

*Plng. conv. factor: 1

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,