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Jun 27, 2016 at 07:30 AM

Dynamic Scheduling on Webi Reports into Fileshare


Hi All,

In BO 6.5, the reports were dynamically scheduled to File Share as PDF using VBA Macros.

Ex: I have report (abc.rep). The selection criteria are Code and Year. The code and year is provided to the report by the Macro

which reads from the database. If Code = β€˜X22’ and Year=’2014’, the report is executed with this selections and another macro

runs to save this file as PDF in file share path. Here the twist is the Codes keeps changing, suppose in this month if the

Code=’X22’ and year =’2014’, next month it can be Code=’Y22’ and Year=’2014’.So this keeps changing dynamically and reports

are also saved into folders based on this. This works fine in BO6.5 using macros and BCA.

Now that we have moved few BO 6.5 report to BO 4.1. , I need to implement some logic in 4.1 to produce the results in the same manner.

Since Macros doesn’t work in 4.1, iam looking into the ways to achieve this. If anyone gone through this kind of task,

please share your thoughts.

I have gone through many posts but could not find the apt solution.