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Jun 27, 2016 at 07:22 AM

Scorecards not transported into SSM 10.1.12


Hi Experts,

I have encountered a problem when transporting SSM DB from SSM 10.1.3 to SSM 10.1.12 using the tools transporter:

All definitions, excluding those which are non-transportable, like the goal diagram, are being correctly imported to SP12, there are no errors where ever during the transport, nor in SSM Front-End interfaces (Admin, Strategy etc.), but the Scorecard Structure is not being transported. By scorecard structure, I mean (those Persp. Obj. & KPIs) defined scorecards for each of the contexts. These appear completely empty.

I have tried importing several exports, and each and every time I find the same issue.

Btw, library is all there.

Any idea what could be happening?, is there any restricction when importing to SP12 from previous versions?

Looking forward to your advice.

Best Regards,