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Jun 26, 2016 at 11:54 PM

Subcontracting for Sales Order stock


Hello Gurus ,

I have a customer requirement asking for subcontracting for special stock (sales order stock) , as they don't need to free the item from the sales order stock , so as not to be sold in any other sales order.

I do the scenario as the following :

PO with acc. assignment. "M" and Item Category "L"

where the item is FERT1 , and the BOM is ROH1 , ROH2 and ROH3 with positive signs , and SCRP1 with negative sign as Bi-Product.

When I do GR for FERT1 (MVT 101) , it's received as sales order stock which is OK , and the Bi-Product is received (MVT 545) on vendor stock as vendor stock and sales order stock in MBLB which is "strange behavior"

how can I complete the cycle to receive the BI-product on own stock.