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Jun 27, 2016 at 12:35 AM

Problems Connecting Multiple ECC Clients with SAP PO (Java Only)



We are using SAP PO 7.5 and are connecting to two SAP R/3 Clients (R/3 Version 4.7) for Idoc Communication..

For that we create two resource Adapters (inboundRA_<R3Client1> and inboundRA_<R3Client2>) as per the blog: Connect multiple SAP ECC clients from Java IDOC Sender Adapter by Resource Adapter Cloning

From the R/3 side, the same RFC(TCP IP) is used for both the clients.[Since RFC is client independent]

We want to know if the above process is fine. We are facing the following problems with this:

  • In the Development environment the above works fine. But every day the Program ID gets de-registered from the R/3 Gateway (smgw). If we just save one of the inboundRAs from NWA, then the program Id gets registered again on the R/3 side.
  • Now in the Quality environment -- one of the InboundRAs goes to red. If we stop one inbounRA, then the other works fine -- but not both together. Now, both turns green only when:
    1. in the Properties of the inboundRA.. we mention the port number(eg. 3300) for gatewayService for one RA, and the sapgw00 entry for the other RA. if we specify the same entry in both the RAs, then it does not work.

Any insights on this?

Thanks and Regards,