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Waste Management & recycling Step required

Hi Experts

Can anyone please tell the step by step procedure of Waste management & recycling

How its work ?

What to create first ?

Step involved in Waste Management & recycling ?

Example in MM : -

First Create PR - Send RFQ - Collect Quotation from vendor - Price Comparison - PO - Release PO - PO Send to Vendor - Material Receive - GRN.

In the same way can any one tell the process flow & what are the things we have to maintain for it

Example for PO

Need Company - Plant- Pur Org- Pur Group- Vendor - Materail - Storage Location

In the same way can any one tell the what to create for completing the proceed like e g : what is container & use of it y we create & where to assign it

Please revert back waiting for your reply



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1 Answer

  • Posted on Jun 26, 2016 at 04:30 PM


    for "Waste" topics you must pay attention ! The solution EHS waste will not be available with S/4 HANA any more. If the "parallel" solution will be in place. No idea...

    But may be check e.g.

    SAP Waste and Recycling – New Overview and Intensive Training starting November 2015

    Pay attention: We have as well an own SAP Recycling solution e.g. which is a different industry solution

    The solution "SAP Waste and recycling" does not beong to EHS component but is an own what is called "industry solution"

    So may be check inSAP for Utilities

    for further input here.

    For EHS Waste; don't invest money; as explained: this solution wil not be in place any more with S/4 Hana; there is no successor solution planed by SAP.

    To which solution are you referring in your question?


    PS: for EHS Waste solution e.g.

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