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Jun 24, 2016 at 09:35 PM

How to setup source system to manual in LMDB


Hi Experts,

For creating an xml for an upgrade, we are working with SAP and they want us to remove the kernel components in LMDB from the systems for which you are copying the stack xml with report RPT_MOPZ_COPY_STACK_XML.

I am trying to delete the kernel components but its not deleting and says:

Software component version 'SAP KERNEL 7.42 64-BIT UNICODE (KRNL64UC 7.42)' was supplied automatically

Message no. LMDB_BO122


There are automatic data suppliers that register technical systems automatically to SAP Solution Manager. The installed software component version was registered by such an automatic data supplier. This data is usually reliable and should not be removed manually.

Check whether a change is really required.


If the technical system is wrong, check that the automatic data supplier for the managed technical system still delivers data.

Procedure for System Administration

By default, the system prevents the deletion. To override the default, set the user parameter LMDB_AUTO_DS_OVRWRT to '06'. This will allow the deletion and change of automatically supplied information.

As mentioned in the above message from LMDB I have given this parameter to my id and logged back in and tried deleting. But still it won't delete.

Please advice.