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Jun 24, 2016 at 04:32 PM

Listing Unanswered questions per tag



Short summary:

  • Select an arbitary tag --> as a result you can see the list of questions for that tag
  • Select "Unanswered questions" --> as a result the list shows now the "main tag queue" i.e. not any more filtered for that given tag.
  • There might be 2 interpretations of "unanswered":
  1. List of threads with no correct answer
  2. List of threads with no answer at all (i.e. 0-replies, and this is what we are interested in but the proposal of @Johan Hakkesteegt is perhaps even better as it is a win-win for everyone)

For us it'd be very important that we can list 0-reply questions per tag.

Example (same with images):

  • Now 3 questions listed (btw, also strange why "0 questions" is displayed)
  • Click on the "Unanswered Questions" filter

  • I'd expect that only the 2nd item is displayed (on the above image: "Can I know who moderates a tag ?")

As if Gabi said it is already on a TODO list, but I wanted to make sure it is persisted here as well.

Thanks and Regards,



unanswered1.PNG (30.2 kB)
unanswered2.PNG (48.2 kB)
unanswered3.PNG (42.5 kB)