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Jun 24, 2016 at 06:41 AM

Dashboards for HR


Good Day

I have a request to build a dashboard for HR that will show performance appraisals (KPIs) for departments, managers and employees. Requirements are that when a user selects the department they should be able to view managers KPIs then when they select managers they should be able to view their reporting lines KPI.

I was thinking of doing individual dashboards for each then put them on top of each other and use dynamic visibility to trigger which chart should be displayed. I have been doing research on the possibility of this and found that performance might be affected as there are about 18 departments, with about 30 managers each. I am now stuck, please advise a newbie on how i can do this report or if there is a way to overcome this performance issue, and by the way I am using Bex queries but will later move to universes.