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Jun 23, 2016 at 10:49 PM

How to do reverse of a left outer join in a calculation view



I am trying to do what is essentially a reverse of a left outer join in a graphical calculation view. but I am not able to figure out how.

my scenario - I have a table say VBAP. Through some inner joins with other tables , I end with a subset of VBAP Lets call it VBAP_SUBSET.

Now I need to display results which were originally in VBAP but not in VBAP_SUBSET.

or in other words, my result set should be all records that did not satisfy the join condition that I used to define the subset.

primary key of VBAP and VBAP_SUBSET is the same.

So in the picture below, my result should be the blue area.

looking for advice/guidance.


VBAK.png (47.3 kB)