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Msg. No PG162 Organisational Re-assignment not Permitted

We only use HR so we can use the MRS planning board. We have set up for 12 European countries.

In PA30, we are using Employee Group to show if the Emp is a salaried Emp or a Third Party Emp.

Occasionally a person changes status and becomes an employee or they leave and become a contractor.

For most of our countries it is possible to change the value of Employee group very easily. When I check the Table V_T500P all of the countries, except Spain and Portugal, are actually set up with Country Grouping 01 - Germany. So in essence all of the European countries are actually set up as German.

For any of the data set up via PA30 for, irrespective of the country, I can easily change the Employee Group field value (and any other field).

However for the people set up for Portugal I get the above error. Making changes to Portuguese data often gives errors and proves difficult to change.

Checking PA0003 field VIEKN, for the personnel record in question, it is blank.

I have looked at feature IVWID which lists all of the countries we are working with, so this looks correct.

I just do not know why using country grouping code 19 - Portugal means I get this error when I try to change anything.

The System is ECC6.

Many thanks

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4 Answers

  • Posted on Feb 09, 2017 at 10:52 AM

    Hi Denise,

    The error SAP throw is because the reorg. action implies a change of country and that is simply not possible. One employee (PERNR) can only belong to one country. Now under your simple setup it seems all personal area and subarea can be linked to only one contry (germany) regardless of the real location since you are only using this master data for planning purposes....

    Howevery I cannot tell you why Spain and Portugal has been setup in a different way in V_T500P. What I can tell you is V_T001P is also to be checked... the molga value is also stored in this view and that is the actual "important" one; you'd probably also want to check that the new VIEKN value is the same as the VIEKN value stored in IT3 (I think you are mentioning it's ok but not sure).



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  • Posted on Feb 09, 2017 at 01:28 PM

    As mentioned, there are only two reasons for this message:

    1. Different Molga

    2. Different VIEKN.

    As you operate within the same molga in your case, reason 1 can be ignored.

    For reason 2. you need to check that return value of feature IVWID is the same as valuse of field VIEKN in IT 0003. You can run report

    HTHUVIEK that will synchronzie it.

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    Posted on Feb 10, 2017 at 03:20 PM

    Many thanks for your help and responses.

    I have carried out some more investigation and found the following:

    1) PA0003 - 6 records of the Portuguese records have a VIEKN value of 19 (19 is for Portugal).

    2) PA0003 - all the remaining Portuguese records have a VIEKN value of Blank.

    3) I have checked the creation date of the Portuguese records and 1 of the 6 records have the same creation date as the records that don't have VIEKN = 19. So it is not likely that a change to the programs has caused the difference.

    4) Today, in test (our test system is only a month different to live as there was a recent client copy), I created a completely new HR record for Portugal. The VIEKN field in PA0003 for this new record is 19. I am able to make changes to this record.

    5) Table T_V500P for the Portuguese Personnel Area has MOLGA set at 19.

    6) Table T_V001P for the Portuguese Personnel Area - there are two sub areas - both have MOLGA set to 19.

    7) Table PA0336 - which is related to one of the Info Type Views, this only holds data for the 6 records where the VIEKN is equal to 19 (plus the record I created today - so 7 in total), I don't know if this is significant but it seems a bit coincidental.

    8) I am not trying to change and of the Organisation Structure, Company, or Country, data for this employee. I just want to change the Employee Group and Employee Group code for one of the 'Portuguese' records. The employee is still working in the same Org structure, company and country. They are just changing ' status' from Employed to Sub contractor and we use Employee Group and Employee Sub Group to reflect that.

    So my questions are:

    a) How to change this Employee record

    b) How to get the remaining Portuguese PA0003 records to have value VIEKN = 19 and not blank.

    c) How did some Portuguese records have a value of 19 in VIEKN and some are blank, in PA0003.

    d) How and when does feature IVWID get used when data is being created.

    e) I did see that the same issue has occurred for Spain - this has a Country grouping code of 04. Again, some PA0003 records have VIEKN of 04 and some are blank, so the same issue arises for Spain. All the other European countries we have are all set to Country Grouping Germany, and all maintenance is available for these records. In PA0003, none of the 'German' records have a value in VIEKN.

    I hope this gives more information and you are able to suggest a solution.

    Many thanks


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    Posted on Feb 16, 2017 at 11:00 AM

    Hi Vladimir

    I did run report HTHUVIEK, luckily in the test system, and it did change the value of VIEKN for my Portuguese record, but it set the VIEKN (in PA0003) field to 26 (which is Thailand) and not to 19 which is Portugal, which is what it should have changed to it.

    So I am now worse off than I was.

    Any ideas.....Feature IVWID for Portugal has value 19 !!!



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    • Hi Denise,

      You must have something wrong with feature IVWID... either that or your SAP is messed up :)

      On thing I can think of is in PE03 you see IVWID correctly but its not corrected generated in the underlying database and program... could you edit, modify it and activate it to make sure everything is inline? if your error continue, could you post a screen shot of PE03 IVWID feat?