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Jun 23, 2016 at 04:22 AM

Solution Manager Diagnostic Agent Connection Problem


Hi Experts,

I am configuring Solution Manager 7.1, in System perpetration step 6.7 connect diagnostic agent step shows some error.

We have 2 Diagnostic agents, on the solman server diagnostic agent shows error with "access denied by managing system check the user/ password", second diagnostic agent shows pending status, but it is also some issue.

SLDAPIUSER is the user we are using, at the first time error shows i changed the SLDAPIUSER password using SU01, i think it is the problem but that's not work. I try to change the user password in hostname:port/nwa but there also some problem after changing password its not affect.

Can any one help me to resolve this issue,

Thanks and Regards,

Sajmal TS


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