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Jun 22, 2016 at 10:38 PM

Add new row Menu - right click Event


Hello everyone,

I am new in SAP Business One SDK and I am currently doing some tests with Matrix that I still cant get a solution, btw I am developing in VB.NET!

What I was trying to add or well activate is the Menu for a Matrix which I could enabled with this after the form I created is added to SAP collections

_oForm.EnableMenu("1292", True) 'AddRow Menu

_oForm.EnableMenu("1293", True) 'DeleteRow Menu

But when I click in deleterow it endeed deletes it but when I tried to add new row It does nothing, I am not sure why!!

So I would like some help with 2 things

1) How can I get the addrow to work?

2) How can I handle the event of both menus after action? Since Add new row, will just add the new row and i would have to set the number in the column, same goes to delete which just deletes it and I would have to reset all the matrix row number so they are all in order

Matrix is loaded with User Table info


Appreaciate help