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Jun 22, 2016 at 05:16 PM

Overwrite values in a column with new data based on Variable Screen Input


Hello Gurus,

Today has been more of a learning experience when it came to working in BPC, for the first time.

I had a series of doubts and rather than posting it one by one, I thought I will bring them all together into one single discussion.

(1) Is it possible to have a Variable Screen / User Prompt for a BPC report.

(1.1) If yes, How do I maintain the Variables for the Variable Screen

(1.2) Where do I maintain them

(2) I have a report that has been setup with Forecast values, and this report is run at the end of every month

Account Forecast Month1 Forecast Month2 Account1


200 Account2 110 210 Account3 120 220

At the end of the month, when the report is run, the report will have data updated for that month.

Report run at the end of Month1 - where Actual data is posted into the report

Account Actual Month1 Forecast Month2 Account1 456789 200 Account2 123456 210 Account3 789123 220

Kindly provide guidance how to come around this output, I understand for the month end - we need to run the load, but how is it that we can overwrite the Column value Forecast Month1 - Actual Month1, based on the output from the data load; Basically the data in the columns should be overwritten, it could be a Bonus if possible you could tell me how to overwrite Header values as well.

(3) I would like to publish the BPC reports; can we publish BPC excel reports? How can I publish BPC reports?

I look forward to your expert opinions and responses.

Thank you.

Leonel Sachin