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Jun 22, 2016 at 03:59 PM

Is it possible for store to handle services sales and finished goods sale?


Dear Consultants and Users,

I am new in SAP IS Retail world and I really need your advice. I am sorry in advance if my questions seems very basic.

I have a scenario in the store like this. In the store, they have transactions like this:

1. Selling of finished goods

2. Selling of Services (repair of bags and rent tools).

Is it possible to post the transaction of selling of finished goods and selling of services from this site to SAP IS Retail ?

because my concern is like this.

I am planning to use WPUUMS idoc to post the selling of finished goods --> with this idoc it will generate article document and billing document.

what idoc will i use to post the selling of services ? --> because for services, the article document should not be generated, because there is no goods movement right.

for the setting in SAP IS Retail, in the SPRO --> POS Interface --> Inbound --> Aggregated sales control , we can manage the posting of article document or not , but when i think it thoroughly, with this configuration i need to choose whether i post selling of finished goods OR selling of services. what i need is to post both of them in same site. is it possible ?

Thank you in advance for your help.