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Jun 22, 2016 at 03:19 PM

update SAP Program Variant values from Redwood.


Hi, I am trying update variant from Redwood, i copied SAP_StoreVariant job and created another one then trying to enter one parameter so i can change only that alone.

I also imported related program and variant.

The variant value i am able to edit when i go maintain objects and edit the value and then trigger storevariant job. But when i duplicate storevariant and enter the parameter and add values its not working.

This is variant value in maintain objects. (Pic Variant_1.jpg)

I added the param in the custom variant store i created as: (custom Variant.jpg)

Can someone please correct me if i am using wrong Parameters.

Thank you,



variant_1.JPG (30.4 kB)
custom variant.JPG (123.3 kB)