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Jun 22, 2016 at 12:16 PM

Array with records more than 1000



I currently have an array setup for a report, this array contains values of 8000+ records. I initially got an error trying to run the report via our inhouse app and the error referred me to google to which I found the 1000 limitation.

Is there a way around this limitation? Im using Crystal Reports 2013 SP7.

Perhaps a formula that can be used to bypass the limitation and have my array work like it's supposed to? Unfortunately i have to use an array for my parameter used.

Any suggestions are welcome.

My current formula for the array used is the following:

dim i as number
dim aTranList() as string

for i = 1 to Ubound({?EMPLOYER})

        Redim Preserve aTranList(i)
        aTranList(i) = {?EMPLOYER}(i)
next i
Formula = Join(aTranList,",")