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ONE Support Launchpad Notes/KBA search vs legacy search...


I hope this is the right space for this kind of problems...

ONE Support Launchpad search seems to find considerably less Notes/KBAs than the legacy Note and KBA search. For example, a search for LE22AF01 finds only 3 Notes in Launchpad (for all release dates)

whereas legacy application finds 44 Notes.

Corrections for Note 2119625 missing from Launchpad definitely involves Include LE22AF01, assuming even that some of the old search results are false positives:

Switching profile language between DE and EN in launchpad does not affect the search results: still 3 DE/EN Notes found.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong? :| Or is something not migrated/fine-tuned for Launchpad yet?

Is there/will there be some kind of information from SAP regarding the differences/improvements in Note search functionality in Launchpad compared to legacy..?

Unless the search language really makes no difference to Notes/KBAs found in Launchpad, or the search uses both DE and EN automatically, I question the wisdom of taking away the ability to easily choose the search language in the new app...

Edit in: search for  print_doc_simulation finds no Notes in Launchpad; legacy Note and KBAs search application finds 16 Notes... Also submitted this at Launchpad as feedback for Search..

Thanks and cheers,


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    Jun 27, 2016 at 06:38 AM

    Hi Jānis,

    This behavior is due to launchpad user settings 😉

    There is roles parameter that influences what content is returned by search results.

    Click on your name on top right corner and select "User Profile".

    In there edit "ROLES" section. Make sure that "On Premise" option is selected.

    Save&Refresh. Now you should be able to search for technical objects just like in old note search.

    P.S. you might as well want to deselect default "SuccessFactors" option unless you are actually using those.



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  • Jun 22, 2016 at 04:04 PM

    Hi Janis,

    Thank you for pointing this out.

    More posts like this will help all of decision makers at SAP to reconsider Aug.15 deadline set for retiring old search unless this bug (and many others) get fixed IMHO.

    Answering partially to your question regarding information about differences - may be the following link could help:

    SAP Notes & KBAs | SAP Support Portal

    Best regards,


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  • Aug 31, 2016 at 04:53 PM

    Few minutes ago I searched the notes for "credit check PGI". The second result from the top was this note: ('1939969 - checkman', the note text is rather funny btw). There is no sign of "credit" and "PGI" in this note, so no way "AND" condition is applied to the keywords.

    Entered the feedback on the website. This is quite something...

    Edit: on a bright side, this keeps me abreast of different SAP functionality, how else would I ever know there is "checkman" in GRC? 😊

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    • Hi Arno, Edo,

      yes, this is an efficient search!

      ANST is complementary: you can see, for a defined process / Txn that you execute in your system, if there is a new ABAP correction for any of the ABAP objects constituing coding that you are executing. You will find then the notes that contain the corresponding corrections.

      This is especially relevant in HCM and also FI where there are a lot of code changes to reflect changing legal requirements. That said, for S/4 HANA on prem it might be useful in the near future in more areas...



  • Aug 31, 2016 at 09:10 PM

    Legacy apps are not coming back, that ship has sailed, sorry.

    The best thing we can get is improve what we have now. This can only be done by sending feedback to SAP using the official channels, not SCN. Officially the vast majority of the Launchpad users is not complaining. (Pretty much like SCN Beta with a bunch of "looks great" feedback.)

    I've submitted two search related feedbacks today, hopefully it will trickle down somewhere.

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  • Jun 29, 2016 at 06:03 PM

    I just searched for LE22AF01 in the Launchpad and it returned 7 notes (the release date filter needs to be removed to see them all, as the message indicates):

    I didn't change any of my profile settings (except for chosing "on premise" role) and the only difference from your screenshot is that my default language is English. And it shows the same number as available in German for me. Quite strange...

    image.jpg (84.2 kB)
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  • Jul 04, 2016 at 12:04 PM

    Today the results list looks much better, though not yet perfect: 38 Notes found for LE22AF01:

    and all 16 Notes for print_doc_simulation 😊

    For  term fill_doc_tables launchpad search finds more irrelevant (FILL_DESC_TABLE, fill_pridoc_tables, FILL_POST_DOC_TABLES, change_doc_tables_fill_duttrap, fill_chdocs_tables) results, which in this case can easily be filtered away using SAP Component.

    Launchpad8.png (61.3 kB)
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  • Jul 12, 2016 at 06:41 AM

    44 Notes found for LE22AF01 in Lauchpad - good job, guys! 😊

    One last gripe, hopefully: this is probably to be expected and is by no means any kind of defect, but searches that used to find "necessary" stuff on legacy, do not seem to work that well in launchpad... To illustrate:

    search for 'creation of correspondence type events' puts the Note I was looking for at the top in legacy app:

    whereas in Launchpad it's not among the first 8 finds (even when filtered on right application component

    Thanks and cheers,


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    • Hi Mikhail,

      thanks for your feedback.

      To perform a wildcard search with all filters available as in the legacy search, please use the attribute search. This is described in the document. In addition we will provide a specific blog series for the attribute search soon (part 4 of the optimize series).

      In case you miss some information in our tips and tricks series, or you want that we cover a specific topic, feel free leave a comment in our overview page. If you face any issues finding specific notes, I can offer you a call. Just contact me.

      Kind regards, Arno

  • Oct 05, 2016 at 08:30 AM

    I suspect Launchpad must be be having a bad day at the moment, and know that running simple often requires operating highly complex systems behind the scenes (and that things will likely be fixed soon), but I still can't resist 😊



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