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Jun 22, 2016 at 09:43 AM

Group and Sum Query


Hi Sap Experts

Please can you advise if it is possible to group the below query by Component and sum the Released Qty.

SELECT T0.[Father] as 'Finished Product', T0.[Code] as 'Component', T1.[OnHand] as 'Stock', T1.[IsCommited] as 'Required For Production', T1.[OnOrder],(T1.[OnHand] -T1.[IsCommited] + T1.[OnOrder]) as 'Available',


When T3.status = 'r'

Then T2.[PlannedQty] end as 'Released Qty'

FROM ITT1 T0 left join OITW T1 on t0.code=t1.itemcode left join WOR1 T2 on t0.code=t2.itemcode INNER JOIN OWOR T3 ON T2.[DocEntry] = T3.[DocEntry] WHERE T0.[Warehouse] = T1.[WhsCode] and T0.[Father] =[%0]

Many Thanks!!!

Chris :-)