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Jun 22, 2016 at 06:47 AM

Set language in SAPUI5 application after login to application server


Hi all,

I have currently an issue with switching the language of an SAPUI5 application after the user have successfully passed the login of the application server. When the application is called with the default parameter in the uri to set the language ( the login mask shows the correct language.

After a successfull authorization the browser forwards to the orignal requested application without the neccessary language-parameter in the uri and the application is loaded in German instead of English. After the user is logged in and the the uri with the language parameter (?/sap-language=en) is called again the language will successfully switched to English.

In the developer guide ( I have seen that there is an existing order how the language is set within the application, but there is no information how to get/set the language of the current logged in user of the application server (selected language in the login mask).

Any ideas how to set the language of an SAPUI5 application according to the language set from the login?

Would be thankful for any hint.

Kind regards



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