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Jun 22, 2016 at 06:39 AM

Planning Strategy - Gross Req Planning - 11


Dear Team,

I have created FERT material namely M1 which is material variant of KMAT material namely "C1". For this material variant M1, I have assigned the planning strategy 11 (Gross requirements planning).

The current stock of M1 is ZERO & I have created sale order with qty 10. With this condition I am running MRP in MD02 for M1 material with below MRP parameters

Processing Key: NETCH

Create Pur Req: 3

SA Delivery Schedules: 2

Create MRP list: 1

Planning mode: 2

Scheduling : 1

With the above condition, if I run MRP, I am expecting Planned Order to be created for M1 with qty 10. But system is NOT generating Planned Order for M1. Is it due to planning strategy 11?

What is the SAP suggested planning strategy for material variant?