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Former Member
Jun 22, 2016 at 04:50 AM

Charm - Downgrade - How to block downgrade?


Hi experts,

if I try to create a downgrade-szenario, I get at the second change, a warning message on adding the object to the transport order.

So I go to se80, change a object and get a warning, that there are still changes oppen from that object.

However, this is just a warning message and can be ignorred.

How can I change this to a error/stop message, so that if a lock is still existing it can't be changed from another charm transaction?

In downgrade configruation (spro) I've changed already all 4 possibilities to "STOP".
However, it is still possible to create a downgrade szenario.

Just in the charm-ticket I have to "Ignorre" the downgrade and accept the risk.

But I want, that to block a downgrade-szenario so that nobody can create one.

Kind regards