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SOAP Lookup in HCI

Hi HCI Experts,

I'm trying to build a scenario in HCI that looks something like the SOAP Lookup from UDF in PI.  I understand that there's the Content Enricher/Modifier pattern in HCI that could accomplish this, as discussed here Blog 5: Content Enricher Pattern in Integration Flows. However, I'm getting no luck so far when trying to deploy the iFlow.

In my scenario, I'm basically just trying to enhance a standard integration content. So what I would like to happen is that, before HCI sends the incoming source message from COD into the message mapping, I would like to call a standard Query web service first, and get a value from its response and assign it in one of the fields in the source message. I've added the objects in Red in hopes of achieving that.

I added a Mapping before the Content Enricher because the actual source message from COD is different from the request message that the Web Service in COD_WS expects. Not really sure if this is the correct way.

So far, I'm only getting vague mapping errors during the execution of COD_ERP_Ser* mapping as per the logs. To make matters worse, the trace is not of much help. SAP said the tracing feature is already enabled in our tenant but I still couldn't see any message payload 😔 I'm also having doubts if the Content Enricher is really the right approach as it adds the message payload with the original message (either Enrich or Combine), as I understood it. So if it adds the payload, then the 2nd message mapping might not work as the source message would become different from what it really expects, hence the mapping error that I'm seeing. (Again, couldn't confirm this because of the useless trace)

Has anyone ever done this scenario with success?

Again, appreciate any inputs.

Thanks in advance.


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2 Answers

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    Jun 27, 2016 at 09:59 AM

    Hi Mark,

    I'm not sure I understand completly your scenario, but I did something similar not long ago, so I will try to help you.

    Regarding your error, I think I know where the problem is, but I have to check something : are you sure the response payload from your Web Service is the same your mapping is expecting ?

    For the trace, are you sure you activated it on your side to ? (In your flow properties, on 'Runtime Configuration' and 'Trace Configuration')

    When you export the MPL does it work ? If not, you may try to ask to SAP support again.

    Waiting for update,

    Best regards,


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  • Jul 01, 2016 at 09:55 AM

    Thank you experts for all your help!

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